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Bruce Campbell's xxfuckingawesomefirechinxx

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xxfuckingawesomefirechinxx was born during a conversation between swimmy and teenagehate.

Any records of the conversation have been lost in the sands of time, but the legend lives on in our memories. And it had something to do with Bruce Campbell having the chin of a god, and thus the ability to smite sinners with his fire chin. This, of course, was dubbed totally "xhardxcorex." So xhardxcorex that it is hence referred to as the xxfuckingawesomefirechinxx.

All kinds of interaction is welcome in this journal. We most admire homemade MSPaint or photoshop pictures of Bruce Campbell's xxfuckingawesomefirechinxx. Also welcome is praise for the xxfuckingawesomefirechinxx, or short personal stories pertaining to the godliness of Bruce Campbell's chin. And we love erotic fanfics! If you've got a swell erotic fanfic about the xxfuckingawesomefirechinxx, feel free to post it!

There are no requirements for joining. Remember, to join the community, don't just add it to your friends list. Click the link next to "join this community" above. You must be a member to contribute.

If you lack a livejournal or hosting space, you can send an entry to me, swimmy. There is contact information in my user info.